Middle School

Middle School can be a big transition and brings with it, new social and academic challenges for students. At St Jerome Catholic School, we understand this challenge and our dedicated faculty help students ease into their new roles as middle school students and help them build on the knowledge gained in their elementary years.


Students now transition to different classrooms where they are introduced to subject-area specialist, who dedicate their day preparing our graduates for the area's most competitive high schools.


Students begin to sharpen their critical thinking skills with advanced Math and Literature classes while the world of Science is explored. Our brand new High School level Science wing is due to break ground in June 2013.  Effective writing is stressed and honed through essays, research papers and personal compositions along with lessons of World, U.S. History and Geography.


6th Grade

7th Grade

8th Grade

6th Grade


Major Focuses:


Language Arts: Poetry and writing skills


Social Studies:  World History


Science: Cell Theory, Animal Diversity/Kingdoms (phylums, plants, fungi, bacteria, ecology)


Math: Number Operations i.e. decimals, Geometry, Algebraic Thinking


Religion: Old Testament & Liturgy


10 hours of community service



Major Projects:


Science Fair: Discovering if sight affects peoples tastebuds, which fruits have the most water content.

Social Studies Fair

Heritage Project: Students create a family heritage poster based on interviews with their family.

Recycling: Preparing and collecting recycling throughout the school.

History project: PowerPoint Presentation on the history of the Aztecs, Mayas and Incas.



Field Trips:


Fort Lauderdale Museum of Science

Theatrical show relative to science

Field trip to a park to review nature and its resources


7th Grade


Major Focuses:


Language Arts: Continue developing composition and the writing process


Social Studies: World Geography


Science: Cell reproduction, human anatomy, geology, rocks and minerals, scientific method, meteorology.


Math: further enhance mechanics Algebra, functions, proportions & percents, statistics


Religion: Learning the liturgical seasons, the liturgy, applying Scripture in everyday life and altar service


20 hours of community service



Major Project:


Science and Social Studies Fair

Respect Life-Spiritually Adopted Baby/Baby Shower

Liturgical Items and Liturgy Booklets



Field Trips:


Broward Center of the Performing Center

Meteorology Center

Museum of Discovery and Science


8th Grade


Major Focuses:


Language Arts: Fluency, comprehension, inferences, deductive reasoning of written material. Effective writing of summaries, creative styles, research reports and personal narratives.

Time Management; Prioritizing (utilizing the book “The Seven Habits of Highly Effective Teens” by Sean Covey)


Social Studies:  American History


Science: Physics, Periodic Table and Space.


Math: Probability, statistics, rational & real numbers, algebraic thinking


Religion: Catholic High School Placement Test prep class


Preparation for the sacrament of Confirmation


40 hours of community service



Major Projects:


Holocaust Thematic Unit

Pearl Harbor Thematic Unit

Broward County Literary Fair

VFW “Patriots Pen” essay contest



Field Trips:


Students partake in the Open Houses of Fort Lauderdale’s Catholic High Schools to experience “high school  life” first hand.

End-of-the-year 8th grade class trip in 2012 to Disney World Orlando!



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