Starting in kindergarten, our students participate in a broad based academic program with a solid foundation of math, reading and language arts courses. In addition to these, we integrate science, computers, social studies, physical education, religion, music and fine arts into the curriculum.


The school's dedicated, nurturing faculty continue to challenge the students while implementing the Common Core State Standards as they advance in the elementary grades. Critical and independent thinking is encouraged and fostered throughout the curriculum. Strong emphasis is placed on reading, writing and spelling skills, which are fine-tuned by incentive reading programs such as The Accelerated Reader Program,  student essays, book reports and other class assignments. Yearly science projects, Accelerated Math Courses, and curriculum-based field trips each year, all round out the elementary education at St. Jerome’s.







Full-time aide in classroom [aide holds bachelors degree in Education]


• Full academic day 8 am to 2:45 pm


• Learning centers, including computer center


• Interactive Whiteboard (Promethean) board used as teaching tool, iPad cart


• Phonetic and whole-language reading program


• Independent work along with small and large group settings


• Educational visits from community leaders (Career Day, Safety Week)


• Field trips (e.g., Performing Arts Centre, Stone Soup Theatrical play)


• Weekly Art, Library, Computer, PE, Music and Spanish classes


• Parties for all major holidays are a big celebration; Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving, Valentines Day.


• Christmas Pageant performances


• Track and Field Day


• End-of-the-Year Graduation celebration and ceremony




The Kindergarten Program utilizes the ABeka and Creative Curriculum and supplemental materials built on a foundation of academic excellence and Christian character training.


The Curriculum encompasses:


Language Arts development (phonics, vocabulary, comprehension, storytelling, songs, word play, vowel, letter recognition, letter sounds, writing students own name,)


Math Introduction (recognizing sequences, patterns, number recognition, counting, calendars)


Science Introduction (discovering matter, light, seasons, weather, hurricane safety, human body, plant life, butterfly life cycle, farm animals, etc.)


Physical development (large and small motor skills development through scissor work, crayon use, writing work, puzzles, block manipulation)


 Social development (development of the child’s self-confidence, independence, awareness and self-control, co-operation, respect for others, sharing, taking turns, kindness and good manners)


Creative Art (experienced through the use of a multiple mediums and projects, watercolors, painting, arts & crafts.)


Social studies (awareness of family, self and others, holiday celebrations, community helpers i.e. nurses, mail carriers, police officers)


Spiritual development (weekly Mass, daily prayer, praise and religion classes)


Field Trips


Kindergarten students have both in-house & off-campus field trips. Students enjoy seasonal theatrical performances at the Center for the Performing Arts such as the “Wizard of Oz” and Stone Soup.


Report Cards


Progress reports are provided with 2 conferences a year. Students are evaluated throughout the year on an individual basis to ensure that they are working at grade level and parents are informed if any remedial work needs to be done at home. Parents can also schedule parent-teacher conferences upon request.

Major Focuses:

Listening skills, following directions and organization skills



Language Arts: Reading Comprehension, including vowel and word recognition with evaluations, site words, spelling, Poetry, basic punctuation, writing short stories and paragraphs.


Social Studies: Current events (Time Magazines for Kids) Presidents, Columbus Day. Communitie


Geography skills: Introducing countries. Different languages; counting, days of the week in different languages.


Science: National Geographic, Growing seeds, sweet potatoes.


Math: Comprehension, addition, subtraction, shapes, money and time, place value.


Religion: ABC Bible coloring book, daily prayer Religion book




Major Projects:


Social Studies: Presidents, Florida facts, Pilgrims

Monthly Book Reports & Map Skills

Christmas Around the World



Field Trips:


Flamingo Gardens

Performing Art Center

Major Focuses:



Language Arts: Phonics A Balanced Approach (Phonetic Awareness, Blending, and Decoding Practice).Reading: Systematic Phonics Approach & Fluency Instruction. Cursive Handwriting


Social Studies: Communities & Family Tree


Science: Food Chain - Growing Healthy Kids


Math: Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication & Division Fact, Place Value, Money and Time


1st Communion: Year long preparation. Receiving the Sacrament of Penance & Eucharist



Major Projects:


Monthly book reports & Flat Stanley

Pyramids & School Garden



Major Field Trips:


Butterfly World

A day at Flamingo Gardens

A trip to visit the Convent

Major Focuses:



Language Arts: Exposure to a variety of literature, both fictional and non-fictional.

Developing good writing skills. Developing higher order thinking skills


Social Science: Discover and learn about the US presidents


Science: Learning about the environment around us


Math: Adding and subtracting triple digits, multiplication, division and introduction of fractions


Religion: All Saints presentation



Major Projects:


Create a president’s biography.

Studying the environment and the business, effects, and methods of recycling.



Major Field Trips:


Young at Art Museum

The Museum of Discovery and Science

Major Focuses:



Language Arts: Compound subjects, Compound predicates


Social Studies: Florida History, Florida Weekly Newspaper


Math: Addition, Subtraction, multiplication & division skills.


Science: Scientific Method, matter, space exploration of planets and stars, water cycle, parts of the Earth.



Major Projects:


Reports: State, Presidents, Book Reports

Science Fair

Volcano Project

Solar System Project



Major Field Trips:


Local history: Stranahan House, Everglades

War Memorial, Broward Center for the Performing Arts

Discovery Museum or Planetarium

Butterfly World


Major Focuses:


Reading comprehension including analysis, synthesis and evaluating skills. Composition and the writing process. Research and Technology



Language Arts: Composition and the writing process.


Social Studies: Florida History (Florida Weekly Newspaper)


Math: Decimals, fraction, probability, metric system and customary system


Science: Scientific Method, physics (forces, motions, simple machines, energy/ light/ sound), human body (organs,   organ system), plants (plant reproduction, parts of a plant, photosynthesis)



Major Projects:


Reports: State, Presidents, Book Reports

Volcano Project

Solar System Project



Major Field Trips:


Local history: Stranahan House, Everglades

Broward Center for the Performing Arts

Discovery Museum or Planetarium




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